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The idea to establish Astana Garden School came to me while I was pursuing MPhil in Education at the University of Cambridge. During my work in the field of education I saw how high school students struggled with their preparation for university admission. To provide solution to all issues that students and their parents face during their studies we founded Astana Garden School.

Our school guarantees the creation of the necessary conditions for admission to the best universities in the world through an enhanced training program. We strive to ensure that AGS students feel valued and understood and are able to excel in whichever field they are passionate about. Upon graduation from our educational institution students will have theoretical and practical knowledge, social skills and values that will benefit them in their future studies and life.

The members of AGS staff are highly qualified lecturers and tutors who graduated top universities in the world and in Kazakhstan, each of whom has a diverse teaching experience and academic achievements. We believe that an outstanding pedagogical team is the key to school's success!
Nurmukhammed Dosybaev
Astana Garden School
Nurmukhammed Dossybayev
Timur Boskin
High School Principal
Zhanat Zaiken
Primary School Principal
Aigerim Yesdauletkyzy
Deputy Director for Academic Affairs
Mayra Kunanbaeva
Deputy Director for Academic Affairs
Bolat Nassygazy
Deputy Director of College Counseling
Maral Tasbulatova
Deputy Director of Well-being
Gulbanu Amirtaeva
Advisor to Director
Maksat Zhampeisov
Deputy Director of Pedagogical Development
Academic Affairs
Baurzhan Shaikhin
International Exams Tutor, Instructor of Critical Thinking
Olzhas Kadyrbekov
AP Administrator
Aigul Niyazbekova
Instructor of History of Kazakhstan
Daniyar-Kerey Kenzhetay
Coordinator of Extracurricular Activities, Instructor of ICT and Digital Literacy
Kanat Isabekov
Instructor of Entrepreneurship
Mira Zharmanova
Instructor of Mathematics
Sultan Akzhigitov
College Counselor
Yerkebulan Yessetov
Instructor of Mathematics
Zarina Umatova
Instructor of Physics
Zhanat Kaparova
Instructor of World History
Dinara Shaimerdenova
Instructor of History of Kazakhstan and Introduction to Law
Azamat Aidanov
Instructor of Biology, STEAM Olympiads Coordinator
Azim Amanzholov
Instructor of Olympiad Chemistry
Aktolkyn Keldibay
Instructor of Kazakh and Literature, Mentor
Tatyana Dyakova
Instructor of Physical Education, Sports Coordinator
Arman Tailakov
Instructor of Mathematics
Aziza Khamitova
Instructor of English
Gaukhar Nurbaeva
Instructor of English
Ilyas Daniyarov
Performing Arts Coach
Maral Tasbulatova
Instructor of Introspection, Mental Health Advisor
Akbota Kazhybekova
Instructor of Kazakh and Literature, Mentor
Aigerim Zhetpisova
Mentor, Debates Coach
Anton Morgunov
College Counselor, STEAM Olympiads Coordinator
Kamila Myrzakhmetova
Instructor of English
Dinara Mussabayeva
Instructor of Russian and Literature
Maidan Makazhanov
Instructor of Physical Education
Aliya Tulkubayeva
Dance Coach
Alina Bayimbetova
Dombra Coach
Aziza Tulgabekova
Instructor of Russian and Literature
Nurkhan Ubaidullayev
Client Manager
Assel Moldabek
Client Manager
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