Mission and vision
Astana Garden School PRIMARY is a junior school (grades 0 - 6) in which the curriculum is an integration of the state compulsory primary education standard, with the introduction of distinctive AGS components and Singapore Mathematics and Science.

AGS Primary offers subject areas such as languages, mathematics, arts, science, social studies, physical and personal development. Learning is based on authentic student exploration of interesting, fairly complex and globally significant "big ideas." Principles and practices of learning place the child at the center of the learning process as an "agent" of his or her own development, nurturing an independent and conscious learner.

The elementary school curriculum also emphasizes a transdisciplinary approach that allows children to see a holistic picture of the world and to build and confidently apply the universal skills necessary for lifelong learning.

In addition to traditional academic subjects, children are offered a variety of clubs and hobby clubs where students can develop their abilities in sports, literature, art, technology and engineering.

Astana Garden School - Astana Garden School is a high school (grades 7 - 11), the leader in preparation of students for admission to the best universities in the world as well as Nazarbayev University according to the talent and dream of everyone. Students go through a rich and competitive curriculum with an increased focus on:

  • advanced English language acquisition
  • practical preparation for the IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, NUFYPET tests
  • project-oriented training
  • social and emotional training
  • moral education and inculcation of global and national values
  • critical thinking
  • mastering mathematics, especially when applied to real-world situations in business and science
  • mastering the fundamental principles of the humanities and social sciences
  • career guidance (studying the potential, interests and opportunities of the student, determining the trajectory of development, collecting a personal portfolio)
  • self-training (working on mistakes, learning new material, passing trial tests, receiving feedback)
  • social development (school events and clubs)
  • sports development (healthy eating, sports sections, events and competitions)
  • olympiad movement (intellectual Olympiads, events and competitions)
  • leadership development (socially significant events, internships and school self-government)
  • innovation development (startups and research projects)
The school's Mission is to reveal and continuously develop the potential and individuality of each member of the school community for the betterment of the world.

The school's Vision is to create a universal school model with a unique educational program focused on the establishment of a well-integrated personality, with elements of the national and cultural identity of the region, and the corporate system for the professional development of educators.

Honesty and openness:

· The school treats all its members fairly, follows ethical standards and rules in fulfilling its obligations.

· The school adheres to a policy of maximum transparency in its activities with respect to the entire school community.

Curiosity and continuous learning:
· The school helps to increase the motivation of each member of the school community for innovation to acquire new knowledge.

· The school develops skills according to their personal development paths.

Caring and compassion:

· The school shows empathy and ownership at all levels of activity.

· The school develops a caring attitude towards the world around it.

Respect and tolerance:

· The school accepts, appreciates, and promotes positively creative culture and traditions of the all the nations around the globe, the diversity of ideas and views.

· The school strives to maintain peace and harmony in society.

Every child is a seed of a unique tree, carrying within it the potential and purpose to become a Leader, a Creator, a Genius.

The parent is the sun, the air and the water, it is the source of the seed's life.

School is a garden of paradise with diversity of cultivation and unity of mission, where from a tiny seed grows a mighty tree, bearing fruit in the form of great ideas, grand projects and inspiring stories to the surrounding world.

Educators are fertile soil, rich in minerals and fertilizer; giving high moral ideals, strong character, world knowledge, and 21st century skills.

Heads are the guardian gardeners of the Garden of Paradise, irrigating the soil, caring for the seedlings, creating fertile conditions for them to grow and thrive.

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