Clubs and movements
Astana Garden School identifies the range of interests of students by involving them in clubs, associations and social projects. Clubs at Astana Garden School focus on a specific area, which allow members to develop their skills in that area. Moreover, we always support initiatives of active students, who want to create innovative solutions to challenges through engaging in various projects.

The AGS high school has 14 clubs and movements:
A club focused on helping students to develop sound and logical arguments and improve public speaking skills through participation in debates in Kazakh, English and Russian languages.
A club was founded to allow students express themselves through dancing and songs.
AGS Melody
The club is open to everyone who is interested in fine arts, design, photography and architecture
Arts & Crafts
A club aimed at teaching students to play dombra – national Kazakh instrument. The club's mentor is the winner of national contests.
A social project, where AGS students teach English language and Math to children from socially vulnerable families.
AGS Study Club
The task of the club is to acquaint students with the features of good research work. In the framework of the club students participate in applied projects.
A club aimed at developing logic, strategical thinking, problem solving skills and responsibility.
A club was founded to equip students with all necessary skills including empathy, emotional intelligence, creativity, teamwork and confidence through engaging their mind, body and emotions. The club's mentor is an experienced actor and director of an independent theater in Nur-Sultan city.
Performing Arts
According to the research conducted by the Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital, prolonged and regular practice of meditation helps human's brain better manage stress and anxiety that can trigger depression. Through psychological support and meditation students become more peaceful, calm, open and their academic performance improves.
Basketball improves not only vision, endurance, coordination, agility, logical thinking, but also teaches students to solve non-standard problems. Playing basketball enhances teamwork and leadership skills.
AGS movements allow students to obtain the necessary knowledge and skills in the areas such as ecology, online volunteering and charity. They are organized in the form of meetings, master classes and online webinars.
Playing games is necessary for the development of a child's personality, communication skills, self-control, confidence, empathy, sense of responsibility and ability to make decisions. Also, games help to overcome social anxiety, fears and worries.
Games & Activities
The movement provides opportunity to discuss new trends in the fashion world, receive recommendations from experts and have a great time in the company of like-minded people. There is also an opportunity to learn how to professionally pose in front of the camera, walk the catwalk, do fashionable makeup and hairstyle for yourself, dress stylishly and be confident.
Eco movement develops in students ecological thinking, consciousness and responsibility. Members of the movement organize events, promote and participate in environmental protection activities, develop proposals for the preservation and restoration of the natural environment.
Participants carry out such social projects as visiting orphanages and nursing homes as well as providing assistance to homeless people.
Volunteering provides an opportunity to gain social experience, get recommendations for further promotion and career growth. Students by taking part in volunteering projects gain the following benefits: meet new people, enhance time management, gain satisfaction from having helped others, improve personal qualities and mental well-being.
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